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This Land Yoga is a welcoming place for consistent teaching and challenging movement.

This Land Yoga is a studio that has been created to be a welcoming place for consistent teaching and challenging movement.

Yoga is so much more than just movement, though. It’s a practice that builds mind-body awareness, strengthens our relationships with ourselves- and also our relationship with others.

That’s why This Land is focused on building a yoga practice, a healthy lifestyle, and an authentic local community. This is a place to feel challenged and connected to yourself, but also inspired, and connected to each other. Because no matter where you are in life, yoga can help you get grounded and get strong on your path.

STRENGTH AND MEANING CAN BE FOUND EVERYWHERE, in sutras, scriptures and rap lyrics (you’ll hear all three in my classes)! This Land Yoga is showing how yoga is just one part of a full life.

Students and teachers alike, it all comes down to this: let’s breathe more, move more, sweat more- and have fun doing it! Let’s open our minds to all the different possible ways to connect with each other, and the world. And you might also come to know and feel that yoga is more than just movement, it’s a way to connect to this body, this mind, and this community.

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