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Where are you located?

We’re at 600 NW 23rd, next door to Big Truck Tacos & upstairs from Orange Leaf & Pizza 23.

I’m new to yoga. What classes should I start with?

With the exception of Experienced Vinyasa, all of our classes are suitable for beginners. Depending on the teacher, vinyasa can feel quick. This class requires a degree of coordination and understanding of the poses. We offer a Yoga Fundamentals class each Saturday at 12:00, and you are welcome to schedule a private session to get better acquainted. Email for rates and availability.

Do you have a mat I can rent?

Yes! We rent mats for just $1.

Do you have any prenatal classes?

We don’t offer classes specific to pregnancy, however, most of our classes are non-heated. As long as you’ve been cleared by your healthcare provider feel free to come to class. If you have questions about modifications, let your teacher know. We are here to help!

Are your classes heated?

Only our Power Flow & Restore and Empowerment classes are heated. We do turn the heat on if the temperature outside calls for it.

Do you offer student discounts?

We do! Students, teachers, and those serving in the military receive 25% off all packages and memberships.

How often should I attend?

This depends on you. Are you looking to dive deep with your practice? If so, attend as often as feels right. Give yourself a day off, or take Restorative or Yin when you feel depleted. Listen to your body and pick classes that fit your mood and energy level.

What’s the difference between Yin and Restorative?

In Yin yoga we passively stretch the muscles and stress the connective tissues. You will experience sensation in a Yin class. Restorative yoga is all about relaxing. In a Restorative practice we emphasize the use of props to enhance relaxation, focusing specifically on supporting the joints. Both classes are calming to the nervous system and wonderful for promoting rest and relaxation.