Lisa Woodard, Owner

In spring of 2013 Lisa began trainning for her first full marathon. Always a mover and a shaker, running came somewhat easy for her. Yet the idea of yoga was “boring” to have to remain still, in your thoughts…. not for her; or so she thought. Through running, without even knowing it, she was begging to find a form of mediation called “moving meditation”. not only did she like it but she loved it. The clarity. The peace. The contentment. The acceptance. For the first time she was able to be “alone in her head”. With the strength and tightness that running can provide it left her needing some balance; needing a little more space in her body she decided to do it. To take her first Vinyasa class. The goal was to stay in the room. The hour passed in a blink and she was hooked!

Lisa went on to received her 200 hour certified Yoga Alliance teacher Training in 2015 at the Lakshmi Rising school for yoga and wellness located in Costa Rica. She loves the freedom that a vinyasa yoga class can offer. The freedom to explore your body and your breath. Her classes are high energy and light hearted. They tend to be catered to creating your own expression of each asana.

Amber Webster

Amber began her yoga practice in 2010. She had a background in gymnastics and cheerleading, so she quickly took to the physical part of yoga and was hooked. It wasn’t until 2015 that she began questioning the nature of the mind. Amber was so in love with the philosophy of yoga, that she wanted it to be her “job” to share it with others. So…she did! Amber received her 200hr teaching certification in early 2017 and has hit the ground running ever since. She teaches all over Oklahoma City, with the intention of coupling the breath with physical movement, encouraging students to come to a place of non-judgement with themselves and others.

Eric Casper

Eric began practicing yoga in 2012, after being persuaded by fellow travelers to give it a try, while on vacation in Nicaragua. He was instantly hooked because of the challenge of strength and flexibility. He has remained an avid student since and an active part of  This Land Yoga community.

Wanting to dive deeper in his own practice, Eric completed his 200 hour training program with Spirit House Yoga right here in Oklahoma City. Eric’s classes offer a strong and gentle flow focused on alignment and engagement with room for play.

Gaia Boyd

Gaia began her yoga journey at the age of 16, falling in love first with the benefits of relaxation and a clear mind. Since then, a core focus of her practice and teaching has involved yoga as a means to developing mindfulness (some people need to move to meditate!). With mindfulness comes wisdom, compassion and a lighthearted sense of humor. It’s yoga that taught her how life can be fun, even when it’s challenging.

She began teaching in 2008, took her teaching training at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2009, and completed advanced training in yoga therapy with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy in 2014.

Gaia teaches Restorative Yoga, which includes meditation, slow and gentle movement, and luscious stretches. She also teaches Flow classes incorporating vigorous movement to challenge both strength and balance along with deep stretching. In all her classes you can expect factoids about anatomy and physiology, different breathing techniques, meditations, and sometimes a good story.

Hannah May


Hannah discovered yoga while trying to figure out how to de-stress in college.  She soon found that practicing yoga helped her feel her best physically as well as mentally. Hannah really became dedicated to her practice when she began teaching kindergarten and found ways to bring calm to her days.


Hannah completed her Yoga Alliance 200 hour training through EveryOne Yoga School with Mandy Eubanks in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2016. She became a level 1 trauma informed yoga teacher through Sundara Yoga Therapy in 2018.  Hannah is thrilled that yoga has become the place where her passion for teaching, finding calm, and seeking strength meet.

James Seagraves

After a close friend kindly nagged him into trying a yoga class, James found a passion in yoga that changed his life. Coming from a background of competitive sports, yoga had a tremendous impact on his body and mind. James has been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout Texas getting to try multiple teachers and styles of yoga. Dwell yoga in Las Cruces, NM feels like a home away from home.

In November of 2017, James completed his RYT-200hr certification through YogaWorks with Jeanmarie Paolillo. James has attended weekend Iyengar workshops with senior instructors George Purvis, Eddy Marks and Mary Obendorfer, Lois Steinberg, and Randy Just. Advanced Anusara studies with Charly Pivert has also shaped James’ understanding of yoga and teaching. Recently, James began introductory Iyengar teacher training with Randy Just at the B.K.S. Iyengar Studio of Dallas, TX. Furthermore, James is looking forward to expanding his knowledge of Yin yoga with Bernie Clark this May with a 50 hour intensive. Local teachers that have shaped his practice are Tiffany Porte, Desirae Penton, Cindy Espinosa, and Lisa Woodard. James teaches movement with breath with a focus on alignment…even corridor yoga

Kendra Horn

Kendra discovered yoga in law school and it has been an integral part of her life for more than 15 years. In 2009, she began teaching and has studied yoga extensively in the U.S. and India, completing and leading teacher trainings, workshops and programs.

Kendra’s classes embody a holistic approach that is both grounded and personalized. She encourages students to slow down, cultivate awareness and move intentionally. Each class integrates body, breath and intention building from a strong foundation.

In addition to teaching, Kendra serves as Executive Director of Women Lead Oklahoma, a leadership consultant and mediator. A practical idealist Kendra’s passion is in supporting women, creating conscious leaders, and working toward a reality where everyone’s voice matters in both the public and private sectors. 

Rachael Taylor

Rachael first discovered yoga while rowing competitively in high school. Her practice remained invaluable while rowing for the University of San Diego, where she delved more deeply into vinyasa yoga as a core part of the team’s training plan. Focused on linking breath with movement, setting intention, and placing stepping stones to reach a goal, vinyasa yoga offered many useful tools in athletics and daily life.

In September 2016, Rachael went to London to complete her Yoga Alliance 200-hour training through Live the Practice with Mandy Lathan, former owner of Cadence Yoga in Oklahoma City. She is happy that her yoga journey has come full circle, back to the community in which it developed. Rachael aims to honor and teach the philosophical and moral roots of yoga and equip students with tools to embody yogic principles off the mat.

Scott Bartel

Scott started practicing yoga in early 2016 as an extension of his regular workout routine and quickly knew it would become a life long journey. Since then, Scott received his 200-hr Yoga Alliance Certification through Hidden Dragon Yoga and began teaching private and group classes in the OKC area. Positive vibes are at the core of every class Scott teaches, as he encourages students to connect mindful breath to powerful movement, and set intentions that affect positive growth on and off the mat. Come to class prepared to smile and sweat.

Shannon Stephens

A Yoga Medicine teacher, Shannon has received additional training in Yin yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Thai yoga bodywork, myofascial release, and meditation. She is a full time yoga teacher and a contributing author for Yoga Journal. Shannon teaches both group and private classes, and is a trainer for the 200-hour program at Soul Yoga in Oklahoma City. She co-owns Routed Connection, a business that organizes local and international yoga events and retreats.

Shannon is down to earth and meets her students where they are, promoting transformation through steady, consistent practice. She believes that through yoga we become keenly aware of our bodies, minds, and emotions; that by tuning in we learn how to heal, nourish, and know ourselves from the inside out.