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Be the Light Sound Immersion

Marilyn and Melissa are Be the Light. They have been serving the Oklahoma Community as Sound Therapists, Lithotherapists and Usui Tibetan Reiki Practitioners since 2012. They are also the hosts of the Be the Light Podcast, which provides real talk about consciousness, connection and how to stay woke in a world of distraction. 

A Group Sound Immersion is an intuitively guided meditative sound experience that is created with love and intention. Using a variety of sound tools including crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes, Marilyn and Melissa will create harmonic tones and specific frequencies that balance the chakras and energetic fields of the receiver. Sound Immersions are a powerful and efficient way to get grounded, centered and recharged.

Sound therapy promotes deep physical relaxation, which places you in the optimal state for healing to occur. By simply listening to the sounds flowing in and around you, your mind, body and Spirit are able to be fully present in the moment. Sound Therapy is also utilized for spiritual expansion and growth. It is well known that specific hertz frequency tones can be used to significantly alter levels of consciousness. This may allow you to tune into other dimensional planes of reality, where greater awareness regarding your personal journey may be gleaned. 

Just as every individual is unique, each Sound Immersion will also be unique to the experiencer.

The benefits of a Sound Immersion are as follows:

-Profound relaxation of the physical body 

-Relief of physical pain, muscle tension and nerve pain 

-Clearing and Releasing of energetic blockages 

-Alleviating feelings of Anxiety and Depression 

-Enhanced ability to be fully present in the moment 

-Significant emotional releases

-Feeling "Lighter" and more energetic

-Having direct communication with Higher Self and Guide

One VERY important element to consider is personal comfort. Please bring your mat, pillows or bolsters as you will be lying down for about 70 minutes during the session. Eye masks are essential and will be provided. During deep relaxation, body temperature can drop and a light blanket can provide additional comfort. 

$30 | Limited Space | Sign Up Here

You can CONNECT with Marilyn and Melissa through their website:

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