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Deep Restoration: A Yoga Nidra Workshop

After a long and hot summer, we may be feeling burnt out, scattered and fatigued. Autumn invites us to slow down, ground and soothe our bodies and minds to return to balance. This deeply restorative workshop guides you through a 90-minute discussion and experiential practice on the elements of rejuvenation through Yoga Nidra.

Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation that systematically relaxes the body and mind into a state of conscious and aware deep sleep, where brain waves function in the theta state and healing of the nervous system, heart and mind take place. This practice has profound effects on supporting digestion, countering stress and insomnia, and reducing anxiety that comes from an overstimulated life. Learn the science, techniques and tools for how to use this powerful practice to nourish and nurture you through the season. Take away a free audio download to practice at home!

Sunday, October 13th
$25 | Sign up here